“What is this? I don’t even…”

Well, this is just a blog.
I post random stuff.

Oh, and I also draw a bit.
So yeah.


Don’t be shy now,

Come on guys, I know I get views, I can see that I get views, but whats keeping you guys from posting a comment? You dont need a username to comment, just put your nickname, and your e-mail (won’t be reveled to others). Oh and if you’re kind enough to post a comment twice, please use the same name.

On the other hand, I want to say that this blog is officially stable. Thanks to my art skills and my persistance, in the future this might become a well known page. (what do I mean well known? 400, 500 viewers?) So there really is no shame on placing a comment on whatever. And please, if your gonna pay my page a visit, can’t you take a look on something that isn’t my art? Check on the forum to see if there is a topic that interests you. (You can comment almost everywhere) See my favorite flash videos. won’t you… pliz <:,3

Forum is up

Yes, I got the forum up, now I need to add more topics that aren’t about games :D Im really liking wordpress, and as soon as I get some more viewers, This might turn into a great page so, SPREAD THE WORD, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, SHARE MY ART!